Katya Filmus

Via Dolorosa, after the route traveled by Jesus on his way to his crucifixion, is a series of 14 glass blocks containing footprints representing the 14 stops on the route. Two are shown here.

These make interesting sculptures on their own, each is similar representing the journey but unique - some contain text, others barbed wire inclusions into the glass. Displayed with imagination (
set into a floor, for example) these make an extremely powerful architectural statement.

These blocks are formed by fusing into a mould many sheets of soda-lime glass. They are about 8cm thick. The edges are beveled & polished with a 6-10mm bevel, the sides are as from the mould, so consideration as to the environment they will go into is recommended.

These works are available individually or as a set of 14.

More work can be seen at
'Via Dolorosa''Via Dolorosa'