Katya Filmus

2 x Steel framed cast soda-lime glass panels, approx 2.5cm thick, with patterns cast in them from repetitive positive & negative casts of human milk teeth. Although conceived as a pair these pieces will be sold separately.

'These pieces are made from casts of a young child's milk teeth. The tooth imprint is repeated again & again to represent a three dimensional graphic/orthographic of somebody's identity. Each cast is different, one being presented as a memory by using negative form & the other as a representation of existence through the use of positive form.' Katya Filmus

More work can be seen at
'Orthographic Identity' - FramedDetail of glass - negative'Orthographic Identity' - PositiveDetail of glass - positive teeth cast'Orthographic Identity' - Framed'Orthographic Identity' - negative'Orthographic Identity' - Positive