Katya Filmus

This sculpture uses the inherent qualities of glass to suggest a violin captured in the glass. Cast in 24% lead crystal Gaffer Glass, from New Zealand. All metal details are handmade in Brass.

'Echo' is cast in two sections - a lid & base. Technically it is a demanding piece, it is heavy & required nearly one month in the kiln & 100 hours of hand grinding & polishing.

'Following the same concepts explored in ''Orthographic Identity', 'Echoes' is a work exploring memory. A memory which in this case is being stored
in a container as safely as treasure. The paradox being that the form of the violin and the treasure box itself are essentially the same. The violin, like the distant memory of a sentimental tune, represents the different levels of sentiment within oneself. Represented here by the human belly-button as the origin of being.' Katya Filmus

This work will exhibited in the Friesen Gallery, Seattle as part of the Pilchuck EAiR programme, October & November 2009

Corner elements & locks are hand made in solid brass & patinated to an antique brass finish.

More work can be seen at
'Echo' & 'Reversed Fragility''Echo'Echo: Detail showing brass fitting'Echo'Echo: Detail showing brass fitting'Echo'Echo: Glass detail