Katya Filmus

These ranges of ceramic lights really are unusual. The light fittings are hand modeled & carved in porcelain so thin that it is translucent to light. As such every piece is genuinely totally unique & will vary slightly in appearance.

Once modeled the work is carved by hand, a very delicate a time consuming process, to enhance the dramatic effect of the translucency. Once fired to 1200 degrees Centigrade the work has shrunk 30% & become incredibly strong & resistant to the extremes of heat caused by the 50W halogen bulb. The lighting fixtures are attached to stoneware bases, made from slabs of clay incorporating grog giving the base a speckled finish. The electrical components are concealed in the base as well as fittings for attaching the lights to a wall if so desired.

These lights can be run from a dimmer (not included). 220-240V

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Every piece is hand formed, modeled in porcelain & then carved before high firing. Consequently each piece is unique & may vary slightly from that shownThis light is made of 5 pinched porcelain shades hanging from a bronze finish metal body. The body contains all the electrics & ceiling attachments. 240v 5 x 50w halogen bulbs. This product can be dimmed.
Hand made porcelain halogen lightsHand made porcelain halogen lightsHand made porcelain halogen lightsDetail of porcelain: light offDetail: 3 of the 5 shades of 'Porcelain Hanging Lights'Detail: a porcelain light shadeDetail: suspended porcelain light fittingsDetail: suspended porcelain light fittings