Christopher Blade Design | "Spinning Spine'

Katya Filmus

'Spinning Spine' is a sculpture exploring the concept of endless duplication. In this case using the form of an abstracted vertebra. Echoes between a spine, as a building bock for life & DNA can be drawn. However just as individuals manage to be unique each glass element is also unique, infused with a multitude of frozen air bubbles. The sculpture retains its individuality even though the forms in its construction are identical.

The work can be displayed either straight or twisted. It sits on a granite base.

This work can be made to any height.

Click here for a slide show illustrating mould making & casting http:/​/​www.​chrisblade.​com/​castingprocess/​slideshow

More work can be seen at
'Spinning Spine''Spinning Spine''Spinning Spine''Spinning Spine'