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Marghilan is one of the most ancient cities of Central Asia founded in approx (1st c. BC).

Legend says the name Marghilan is linked to the invasion of Alexander the Great in the 4thC BC, when on his way from Khojand to Uzgen. During the campaign he visited Marghilan twice. Local people knowing about Alexander’s visit prepared bread and chicken. When Alexander was asked about his meal he answered: “Murginon”, translating as “chicken and bread”. The town was thereafter called “Marghilan”.

Since old days Marghilan was famous for its wonderful silk. Via the Great Silk Road traders took Marghilanian silk to Baghdad, Egypt and Greece. One of the historians of the 10th c. wrote: “the Marghilanian silk costs all Bukhara’s land.

The population of Marghilan is 165,000 people. The territory is about 50 sq. km. Marghilan sets 15 km to the north from Ferghana at an altitude 475 m above sea level. Marghilan is the third city in Ferghana region after Ferghana and Kokand. Marghilan is the silk center of Uzbekistan.

There are two silk mills. The silk factory “Khan-Atlas” (“Silk for Kings”) is one of the largest enterprises in the CIS. Every day the factory manufactures more than 25 km of national fabric. The process of production is completely mechanized. More than one thousand employees work at this factory. The souvenir factory “Yodgorlik” is the only in Central Asia where original handmade methods of silk production remain. There are 270 employees working at that factory and 70% out of them are young women. This mill is famous for its silk which is recognised as some of the best on the world market. Annually over 2000 tourists visit the silk factories.