This is a 3cm thick sculpture of a door fromOld City Jerusalem, cast in transparent soda-lime glass with polished edge bevels. The cast has captured the details of the original door exceptionally well, even containing textures from peeling paint, etc. The cast is set into a steel frame made in such a way as to subtly echo a lintel. The 4cm thick frame is constructed from sections of rectangular box steel & welded to make a frame that avoids being too industrial looking. The finish is a natural ageing, created with chemicals, protected by shellac.

'The work addresses issues of choices in life - the doors we choose to open, close or ignore. The fact the door is solid & cannot now be opened or closed, alludes to our lives as individuals & how often we have to abide by our choices not being able to alter the consequences.' Katya Filmus

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The sculpture backlitKatya Filmus in her studio with the sculptureKatya Filmus in her studio with the sculptureIn situIn SituIn SituSculpture showing chain &Detail of connecting shackleSculpture & frame front litDetail of glass, backlitDetail of frame, handle & glassGlass detailChain, frame & handle